Pro Display’s incredible Projection Simulation Screens. Room sized virtual reality and advanced visualisation solutions 

Transport yourself anywhere with Pro Display’s incredible CAVE Projection Screens. Projecting an ultra high definition (4K) image on to multiple projection walls helps to create a multisensory immersive environment that can emulate an endless range of scenery. Jet off in a state-of-art spaceship or learn how to drive a car – a CAVE projection system is remarkable at imitating visual aspects of real life environments.

Typically, CAVE projection systems are room sized virtual reality or advanced visualisation solutions that can combine 4-6 high resolution screens, cutting edge stereoscopic projection, 3D CGI, 360° digital imagery and superior quality projectors. Pro Display manufacture and specialise in CAVE screens, a crucial component of a CAVE system that facilitates a truly transformative environment as well as a stable and desirable user experience.



Utilising Pro Display’s specialist projection technology, our CAVE screens deliver outstanding contrast levels, colour saturation and pixel resolution, all of which work in conjunction to create this ultra-immersive display. The specialist projection technology distributes light evenly across the surface of the screens for stunning image quality and wide viewing angles, making it well-suited for large simulation applications. Perfect for simulation training, immersion rooms, theme parks, and many other immersive experiences that require customers to suspend awareness of their environment as they embark on a sensory journey that you have mapped out for them.

These screens help bring your space to life by transporting your audiences to a place that excites their imagination without the many risks that may accompany such environments. This feature makes a CAVE system especially worthy as an alternative to high cost or dangerous training sessions, where users are able to act in a way they would in real life without the financial cost of live reenactments or the potential danger involved in on-the-job training.

Please note: Pro Display manufacture CAVE projection screens, not the CAVE structural support or required projectors. 


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