Display Innovations in Retail That Help You Compete

Retail is a much tougher game than it used to be. Stores are seeing gradual declining figures in footfall as consumer emphasis is being placed increasingly online, making any innovations in retail worth taking seriously.

Pro Display’s Pro Diffusion Rear Projection Film

Innovations in retail are happening all the time, and it’s down to you to keep up with the competition. The good news is that this kind of attention is not out of your reach. Pro Display specialises in high quality display innovations in retail, offering everything you need to make your store big news. So, what better way to do that than with our range of versatile, state of the art technology?

Rear Projection Film

Rear Projection Films are the primary choice for digital signage and store window advertising. Our optical film technology provides superior brightness, contrast and black levels, even in high ambient light and daylight. The range of rear projection films that we offer includes Pro Diffusion, Ultra Black, High Gain and Clear View (Holographic), all with a self-adhesive layer for easy application.

We also offer a revolutionary sun readable rear projection technology specifically designed for applications in direct sunlight. The genius of our Sunscreen can be found in its ability to deflect light using an optical filter, allowing it to provide bright, sharp and crystal clear images. As the only true projection screen technology in the world that will perform in direct sunlight, it is perfect for outward facing displays.

Great uses we have seen of our Sunscreen involve projecting adverts or special offers that entice customers to come inside your store.

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