Holagraphic Add-on to your iPad

The first 3D display for home use, this device puts hologram tech right in your hands.

HC Tablet transforms a tablet into an open-structure, 3D projection platform. The HC Tablet is a compact eye-catcher with its classy appearance, rigid body and transparent screen. A rotating mirror guarantees optimal perception of the virtual hologram from different viewing angles. The functionality of the tablet gives endless creative possibilities to the unit.

Key benefits:

• 3D video holograms are bright, sharp and clearly visible in daylight conditions.

• Compatible with iPadAir 2 model.

• Foldable mirror makes it easy to travel with.

• Easy attachment of the tablet into the frame.

• Touch functionality is retained.

• Ideal for using in retail, presentations and home environments.

To purchase contact: info@hvmcompany.com