Turns any surface into a loudspeaker – including glass

A small and unobtrusive audio transducer, creating the ultimate invisible sound source

Soundpods use surface sound technology to transform almost any solid resonant surface into an audio speaker. Resonant surfaces include glass, wood and plasterboard, offering the ultimate invisible sound source.

Our next generation Soundpods are small and unobtrusive, attaching to the surface with either adhesive tape or screws. Soundpods work through an energising principle, sending frequency waves across both sides of the activated surface. This produces a non-directional, diffused sound that evenly fills the area. Simply attach the device to almost any surface – imagine turning a store window into a speaker, capturing the attention of passers by and delivering that all important message direct to their ears.

​Each Soundpod kit comes complete with adhesive pads for installation to glass or plexiglas, acrylic mounting disc for installation to wood, MDF and plasterboard walls, speaker cable / connectors and Soundpod sticker!



Designed to complement our screen technology, Soundpods transform solid surfaces into loudspeakers. Art Speakers use surface sound technology too, but alongside a special acoustic board for hi-fi sound and a customisable art canvas.



Slimline canvas art wall speakers with surface sound speaker technology

Hide your loudspeakers behind your favourite artwork

Pro Display’s Art Speaker is a new type of loudspeaker employing surface sound technology. The resonant modes of an acoustic panel are optimally excited by a transducer (exciter) to deliver a remarkable, diffuse sound field over a wide audio frequency bandwidth.


Our ‘Surface Sound’ technology does not work on the same principle. It radiates sound through vibration, just like the violin or guitar that creates its rich acoustic sound through vibration of the instrument’s body. The benefit of creating a sound wave through vibration is that, like daylight, it fills every corner of the room; therefore the positioning of the speaker is far less critical, so they can be placed where they look good. More importantly, virtually the entire room becomes the sweet-spot.



Flat panel speaker technology has seen major advances over the last couple of years. Our new range of high powered transducers produce significant output levels with a full-spectrum frequency response and when we combine these with our special acoustic sounding board we end up with amazing results. Pro Display now manufactures a range of Art Speakers, covered with either a choice of contemporary designer images or your client’s own artwork, to blend with any environment.

These speakers will fill unusually large areas with clean and clear non-directional sound due to their surprising dispersion characteristics, whilst their decorative appearance and flat construction allows them to be used in visually sensitive situations, making them become an integral part of the room’s décor.


A projection screen with sound! Soundvision screens are the world’s brightest front projection screen, combined with 360° surface sound technology (the screen surface is a loudspeaker).

When brightness, clarity and contrast are an important part of your visual presentation, there’s only one solution. This specially designed optical screen has an aluminium coated surface which is highly reflective.



Optical high gain front projection screen where the HD screen surface is also a loudspeaker


Parabolic curve screen with surface sound technology

This advanced high gain HD front projection screen has a parabolic curve for immersive 3D viewing

Soundvision 3D is our leading 3D front projection display. The screen is manufactured in curved format and comes complete with stereoscopic active 3D glasses offering a true cinematic experience.


High contrast front projection screen with surface sound technology

An advanced optical front projection screen offering true colour reproduction, superior contrast and perfect black levels, to create life like images

Soundvision Pro has been designed for high-end audiovisual installations in venues such as corporate boardrooms, reception displays, hotels, restaurants and bars. This front projection screen technology represents the ultimate audiovisual experience. The slimline frame design comprises of a specialist sound board, audio transducers and a high gain aluminium foiled surface offering true colour reproduction and superior contrast levels.